Tuesday, August 20, 2013

2013 Smith Classic Basketball Fundraiser

8-17-13 Smith Classic

I would like to thank family and friends that supported the 1st Smith Classic Basketball Fundraiser.  Your donations, gifts, and words of encouragement are appreciated more than you know.

Thanks again! Love you all.

PS more photo's coming soon!

Video Clips of Friends & Family at 1st Smith Classic

2013 Pepsi Fundraiser
5-17-13 Pepsi Fundraiser
Like To Thank My Pepsi Family had an Fundraiser Event, consist of Raffle Tickets and Rockstar Cooler for prize. The Fundraiser was a huge success helping with home modifications: floors, showers and expanding doorways. 
Thanks Again ! To All My Co-workers who supported me.
                                Plant Manager, Frank Mays
                              Receiving Money & Rockstar Cooler
                             Enjoying Cake
                              Pat Scott & Kevin Harris

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