Thursday, September 26, 2013


Craigslist Purchase-(click on my journey for updated progress report)

June 28th I remember the physical therapist from the hospital saying, "the best way to get your legs back is by standing", so I said to myself "I need some parallel bars".  I went home and googled Craigslist.  I saw bars for $40.00 and they were only 7 feet in length which was 3 feet shorter than ones in rehab, but I just wanted to stand up.  I called the number and the lady said another person was planning to pick them up Monday around noon.   It was Thursday so I couldn't wait to exchange numbers wit her.  I called my brother and told him to be ready, I have some parallel bars to pick up Monday night.  Well I was schedule for rehab that morning and received a text that said the person had come pick up bars.  I was temporarily deflated.  During my workout I spoke with physical therapist and told her I wanted some parallel bars and she said it would be good idea but to make sure someone is with me while using them.  So I went back to Craigslist found some exactly like the bars at the Rehab Facility.  The bars were 10 feet long and more expensive (figures that!).  I was already tight on money so made decision that if they were still available I would get them to help me walk again even if it meant not eating dinner for 2 weeks.  Well the couple still had the bars so I made a
decision and sent my brother on a 45 minutes drive to get them.  He returned late that evening and had to assemble bars before leaving.  Once he got them to correct settings for me I felt like an 8 year old opening a present on Christmas Day.  When he left he kept saying "Don't be trying this by yourself.  Make sure someone is here with you".  I said "Ok don't worry will do" .  Didn't I mention that I felt like and 8 year old?? So of course I acted like one.  As soon as he was out of sight I was on my bars trying to take steps, but not too far away from wheelchair lol.